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18 Jan 2016

Here's a step by step guide so that you can learn how to stain concrete floors. Take into account when applying acid stain to concrete any blemishes, cracks, staining, glue or impressions inside the concrete will not be hidden. Acid stain creates translucent color effects and can highlight any surface defects much like applying stain to a piece of wood, the stain highlights the grain as well as any knots in the wood. Once you have cleaned the concrete, done each of the surface preparation and tested a smaller area your prepared to start staining the concrete. -stainedconcrete-

In case you have never done this and you're just learning how to stain concrete, think about remember is that you will be working with a low strength acid. It is not very hazardous, however, you need to protect yourself. Wear a mask and safety goggles, cover your arms and legs, wear gloves and boots. The clothing you wear can get ruined with any overspray. Using the acid stain is definitely the easiest part of the job. Having said that, there is a technique to doing it right. Too little stain won't present you with complete coverage plus it won't etch the outer lining properly to deposit the colour.

Too much stain can cause puddling and over react other places where the stain has pooled. On bigger jobs an acid resistant sprayer is successful, smaller jobs is possible with sponge brushes. Mix the stain according to the manufactures specs on the bucket. Fill the sprayer and spray the concrete which has a light but even coat of stain. It's a wise idea to have someone follow behind you together with scrub the stain in to the surface. Use a systematic approach, begin from the back and focus on an area you can get started easily. The broom is going to leave brush strokes so when investing in part of the way done turn back and lightly mist more stain over the brushed area. This may get rid of any trailing brush strokes and provide you with a natural and consistent look. Start on one side of the room working your way to the other keeping a wet edge. Spray a path about 3 or 4 feet wide returning and forth before room is done. Once finished allow area dry.

The time will vary depending on the acid stain. Check the directions on the bucket with an approximate idea. Following your stain has dried you will want to neutralize the acid having a mixture of baking soda and water. This will likely stop the reaction involving the acid stain and the concrete. Just mop it on and clear the residue that is left behind with water that is clean, the mop, plus a wet vac. Try not to step on any un-nuetralized area, this can leave footprints on to the floor. Clean the floor 1-2 more times with water only, mop and vacuum, then allow it to dry. You'll notice when the floor dries it is going to look kind of hazy or chalky. That is normal, it will look good after you seal it. You're done for today, let it dry overnight, once you come back tomorrow you are able to apply the concrete sealer. Now that you've learned how to stain a concrete floor you need to apply the sealer. This should be easy to put on if done right. It's important to use a sealer that works well with the type of concrete stain you used. You may either roll it on or spray it on, fostering not to leave roller marks or higher spraying. A light coat is best suited as you will be applying another coat tomorrow.

After you apply the sealer you will find the colors of the stain start to come alive. The concrete floor will be beautiful and all your effort will have paid off. When the final coat of sealer is dry you can move your furniture back and begin using your room again. If you would like some added protection for your new floor making it easier to clean, 3 or 4 coats of a floor wax is mandatory. A floor wax adds another layer of protection in your acid stained concrete floor, while so that it is look great and permitting easy clean ups. A floor finish applies easily, just pour it on the ground and spread it around by having an applicator. Let each coat dry for approximately an hour before you add another one. Now that you know how to stain concrete floors you will have the confidence to tackle your plain gray concrete floor change it into something unique and lovely. -stainedconcrete-


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